Updated catalog – September 2023

Dear Valued Customers,

We are excited to announce the release of our latest September catalog, now available for your perusal! This edition is enriched with several new additions that we are thrilled to introduce. Explore our latest offerings to enhance your experience and meet your evolving needs. From innovative solutions to functional designs, we have incorporated fresh ideas that we believe will further elevate your workspace efficiency.

What’s new?

– 360mm width stand alone (page 35 – 42)
– HIBBS – reinforcement bar with holes for easier installation of reinforcement triangles (page 47)
– SUCDB & SUCTB – door and back plate and top and bottom to be ordered separately (page 74)
– FBH Perfo – back perforated rail for the installation of components using conveyor belts (page 84)
– Perforated plates (page 111)

Check our catalog online: https://www.van-care.com/parts-catalog/ 

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