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Increase loading capacity while ensuring that the tools you carry are properly secured.

Van Care modular systems are innovative, lightweight and durable. All products are made of highly durable materials.

Our products have been crash-tested to full European road safety standards.

Modular design allows you to perfectly equip the interior of your vehicle – just the way you need it!

Van-racking system

Why choose VAN-CARE van racking kits?

Tailored to your needs

Supply of necessary accessories

Reliable and durable

Efficiently and quickly


Van Care is a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicle built-in systems. With the help of computer-controlled CNC sheet metal working materials, we produce high-quality commercial vehicle built-in systems. The design and production entirely takes place on-site and is drawn up in modern parametric 3D CAD design programs. Our light-weight systems enable you to carry out your work better and more efficiently. We take great care of the complete layout of your company car, regardless of type or specific wishes.

Who we are and where you can find us

Van Care has been a manufacturer in the field of commercial vehicle built-in systems for many years. Our head office is located in Beek (Limburg) and our team there consists of four employees. The production site is based in Poland, and employs 100 employees.

Van Care offers a suitable solution for every commercial vehicle. We work with lightweight modular equipment and provide tailor-made solutions. The modular construction allows you to put together your ideal interior with the exact shelves, drawers and spaces you need.

Would you prefer to outsource the installation of the systems or are you looking for a tailor-made solution? We will gladly take care of that for you. Thanks to an extensive network of specialized dealers, we can deliver fully customized built-in systems tailored specifically to your needs.


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Van racking systems

Van Care is a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs to supply them with custom-designed van racks from scratch. We are aware of the requirements that our customers place on us. Our huge experience in realizing the various visions of owners of this type of vehicles has enabled us to create a solid design base for future constructions. For customers in various industries, we implement rack buildings with high functionality, helping to perfectly organize the workplace. An endless range of ideas allows us to freely juggle the parameters of the rack-kits so that it best fits the spatial conditions in a given vehicle.

We create racks for delivery vehicles based on modular systems, which offer the greatest flexibility when configuring the available space. Made of lightweight materials, they allow the total weight of the vehicle to be kept to a minimum without generating compromises on durability and unit strength. The extensive design portfolio at Van Care testifies to the professionalism of our services and vast experience in designing custom van racks.

Racks for service vehicles – what do we offer?

The catalog of our services focuses on the shelving of vehicles used primarily for business purposes – these are all kinds of service vehicles, requiring safe and orderly transportation of a package of tools or accessories. The basis of rack-in systems are capacious shelves and drawers, with strong locks to protect against uncontrolled opening while driving. Van racking systems are most often found in rack form, where the individual components are fitted together to form an integral whole. Of great importance is the proper installation of the rack; the type of mounting should be matched to the structure of the car, taking into account the overloads generated while driving. Our racks are a product created in accordance with current traffic regulations. Components used in the production of van racks have passed crash tests at a speed of 50 km/h. A frontal collision for the test did not result in the loosening of even a single part, which testifies to the great strength of the entire system.

Van Care offers free advice on the selection of van racks. For interested customers, we create a free project, based on 3D visualization. What sets us apart is our short turnaround time for the service, so customers have the opportunity to quickly implement their vision of the development. The basic building blocks of each racking module are steel and aluminum. Steel bars are responsible for the frames of the van bodies, while aluminum covers the walls of the cabinets, reducing their weight. Van racking systems from Van Care present an excellent price/quality ratio, placing our offer at the forefront of this type of service in Europe.

Van racking systems from Van Care

We have several product lines on offer, targeting different groups of customers. Full versatility and optimal durability are offered by the M-line series, which is also one of the lightest types of van racks on the market. The M-line system is an excellent choice for those who value flexibility, functionality and maximum reduction of vehicle weight to reduce fuel consumption.

Larger delivery vehicles are sure to benefit from the XLD-line system, as a proposal to equip the interior with large and strong drawers. The aluminum construction is responsible for keeping the weight of the set at a reasonable level, and the refinement of the drawers to the smallest detail guarantees their aesthetic appearance and best-in-class functionality. The XLD-line system also proposes under-floor drawers, which increase the available storage space. The load capacity of each drawer of 85 kg opens up a range of possibilities for storing a variety of equipment.

Van Care has been developing van racking systems for many years, capable of meeting the most demanding orders. We treat each order individually, preceding installation work with a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs and the creation of a personalized design.