Hybrid system

Modular construction

Robust and wear-resistant materials


The Van Care M-Line is a light, strong hybrid storage system that, thanks to its clever innovative design and the use of multiple materials, is an ideal installation for all cars and commercial vehicles.


The M-Line consists of aluminum with a powder-coated surface treatment in combination with steel. The structural parts which provide stiffness and strength are made of high quality steel. This is interspersed with high quality aluminum to make it  one of the lightest systems on the market. Only high-grade plastics such as PP, ABS, and PS are used for the plastic parts.

All parts that come through our automated powder coating line have been treated against damage and corrosion by applying a colourful ceramic-like powder coating.

Individual customization is highly valued at Van Care. The assembly of our products into complete modules is core to our business, partly thanks to our 3D presentation program. This gives you the opportunity to realize all possible variations of assembly.

Time savings

Forgotten tools, damaged goods and unsorted parts are a thing of the past with Van Care in-vehicle equipment. Van Racking Kits will help you save up to an hour per day and prevents damage of tools and equipment. That’s more time and energy to spend on customers!


Long service life, robust, tested and durable – that’s what Van Care Van Racking Kits are all about. The quality of our products is regularly tested through crash tests and quality control. Our products quality is confirmed and certified by independent experts.

Cost reduction

Van Care Van Racking Kits are a low risk, long term investment. The initial investment is earned back through time and cost savings on the basis of more organized and efficient work. If looked after, a Van Care Racking Kit should last a minimum of 3 van life cycles.


Our innovative design team create new idea’s and turn them into top quality products. Using the latest design software and with over 30 year design experiance we now have a complete system vailable in the open market.

Light construction

The material mix of Aluminium & Steel allows us to guarantee not only the highest load capacity, but also great durability and more significantly weight reduction.


Every Van Racking Kit can be modified to your individual needs. Get a system that suits you. With the different lines of Van Care organizing, loading and unloading your tools and materials becomes that much easier.


With our Van Racking Kits your tools are always sorted and organized. In combination with your professional knowledge, you will make the perfect impression on your customers.

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