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XL-drawers fully openable

High load capacity

Robust and light


In addition to our standard shelves, cabinets and other convenient storage systems from M_line,
Van Care also offers the XLD line – large, strong, yet light drawers.


This new, innovative product is made of lightweight but highly durable materials. It allows for a very large cargo space. Whether you are looking for a double floor with access to sturdy drawers or you want to use a load space with light and functional drawers, XLD_line combines both in one product. It is the perfect solution for any vans, regardless of its size.

Thanks to the intelligent use of high-quality steel and aluminum, and an innovative design, we have achieved the ideal strength-to-weight ratio for our XLD-line. All products are powder coated, and the ceramic layer used makes them scratch resistant.

XLD drawers are robust, strong, but at the same time light in XL size that run on telescopic ball slides. Each drawer has a load capacity of up to 85 kg (surface load). The frames provide a rigid and solid structure, while increasing the load capacity of the vehicle.

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One product many possibilities!

Increase the cargo capacity of your van
practical base for a second floor
high durability & high quality
great solution for vans of any size

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