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This article will be dedicated to the topic of shelves and racks for van conversion, a popular solution for owners of delivery vehicles. We will briefly discuss various types of shelves available in our offer and their practical applications. We will also present the benefits that shelves and racks for vans bring and factors worth considering when choosing the right model.

Shelves with Plastic Boxes

Shelves with plastic boxes for storing small tools and fasteners are functional and practical products that facilitate the organization and storage of various small items. Boxes on the shelf allow for storing and sorting various elements, such as screws, nuts, mounting hardware, electrical connectors, and much more. Each box has a space for a label, making it easy to mark the contents, facilitating quick retrieval during repairs or assembly.

Shelves with Dividers

Aluminum or steel shelves with dividers feature a solid and durable construction, offering a convenient and practical form of storage for various items. Shelves of this type are available in different sizes, allowing for customization according to individual user needs and requirements. This solution allows for convenient storage of various items while ensuring safety and order.

Shelves with Tilt-Down Front

Shelves with a tilt-down front opening downwards are perfect for storing various items. They come in two versions – without dividers and with dividers – allowing customization to individual user needs. The version without dividers is ideal for those who want to store larger items, such as tools, building materials, or construction equipment. The tilt-down front secures stored items from shifting and getting dirty.

Sliding Shelf

A sliding shelf with a tilt-down front is ideal for storing long items such as pipes, boards, or metal elements. Its design enables efficient and safe storage of such items while facilitating accessibility and organization.

Waterproof Bottom Shelves

The waterproof bottom shelf for van conversion ensures safe storage of items in vehicles exposed to spills. The shelf is designed for mounting in the lower part of the module, utilizing typically unused space. The shelves are extendable, allowing you to use them as a trough, and spilled liquids can be easily emptied.

The application of shelves in van conversion is a solution that offers many advantages. Here are some of them:

  1. Space Optimization: The use of shelves allows for maximum use of space in the van, accommodating many tools, devices, and other items, increasing the vehicle’s functionality.
  2. Easy Access: Thanks to the shelves, items stored in the van are easily accessible and can be quickly found. There’s no need to search for them among other tools, saving time and facilitating work.
  3. Safety: Shelves are equipped with fastening systems that prevent items from shifting during transport, preventing the risk of objects moving and causing damage or injuries.
  4. Order: Thanks to shelves, you can maintain order in the van, facilitating work and preventing the loss of tools or other items.
  5. Convenience: The use of shelves allows for easy and quick transfer of items from the van to the workplace and vice versa. There’s no need to carry heavy tools or other items, saving strength and time.
  6. Durability: Shelves for van conversion are made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a long product life.

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