CASE STUDY: Streamlined Storage for HVAC Services


In the world of HVAC services, efficiency is paramount. Every minute saved on a job site can translate to improved customer satisfaction and better business outcomes. When our client, a dedicated HVAC servicing company, approached Van Care for a custom van racking solution, we knew we had to deliver something truly exceptional. The result? A Fiat Scudo van equipped with a tailored racking system, designed for practicality and convenience.


Our client’s needs were clear. They required a van racking system that could house a vast array of valves, screws, and other essential components. Furthermore, they needed an organized space for tools and the means to transport them conveniently. To meet these requirements, we utilized our state-of-the-art 3D design software to craft a unique solution.


The customized Fiat Scudo van racking consisted of two shelves with plastic trays that ensured all necessary components remained accessible and orderly. We also incorporated a module with drawers, specifically designed for tool storage, guaranteeing easy access and organization. Additionally, we incorporated dedicated spaces for toolboxes, further enhancing accessibility. The design process was driven by our 3D design software, allowing us to provide the client with comprehensive 3D visualizations for a full understanding of the final product.


The tailored van racking solution exceeded our client’s expectations. The Fiat Scudo was transformed into a well-organized mobile workshop, with all the necessary equipment, tools, and accessories at their fingertips. The improved efficiency not only made service calls smoother but also enhanced their professional image. The 3D design visualizations provided a clear vision of the final product, ensuring a seamless design-to-implementation process.

At Van Care, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with innovative and customized van racking solutions. This HVAC service case study demonstrates our commitment to understanding and fulfilling the unique needs of our customers, elevating their efficiency, and supporting their success.

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