Smart Storage Solutions for Your Delivery Vehicle: Unveiling Our Drawer Options

If you run a business that involves transporting goods and materials, you surely understand the importance of proper organization in your delivery vehicle. One of the key elements is drawers, which allow for efficient use of available space and facilitate the transport and storage of various items. In this article, we will present our solutions regarding drawers in delivery vehicles and describe their benefits and functionality. Keep reading to explore our proposals and increase the efficiency of your work!

The drawers are available in two variations: hybrid (ADS, AD, ADD. etc.) and 100% steel (SDS,SD, SDD etc.). The 100% steel version provides a cost-effective solution that is heavier compared to the hybrid version. Note that the nomenclature for steel drawers is different from hybrid drawers; in the steel version, replace the first letter “A” in the abbreviation with “S.”

ADS, AD, and ADD Drawers

ADS, AD, ADD drawers

ADS, AD, and ADD drawers are standard drawers from our range that open frontally, designed for professional use in delivery vehicles. These drawers are exceptionally functional and practical, and thanks to their design, they perform exceptionally well in challenging transport conditions.

The drawers are made of the highest quality materials such as aluminum and steel, ensuring durability and resistance to mechanical damage. The drawer is also secured against accidental opening, providing safety for the items stored in it.

The most important feature of these drawers is the ability to open them 100%, allowing easy and quick access to the stored items. This makes working with the drawer exceptionally convenient and efficient, translating into increased productivity and work comfort.

If you are looking for an exceptionally functional and durable drawer for your delivery vehicle, the AD drawer will undoubtedly meet your requirements.

Standard drawers are available in 3 depths and 3 widths:
Three standard depths: (ADS) 260mm, (AD) 360mm, and (ADD) 460mm.
The drawer system is available in widths: 360mm, 507mm, 760mm, and 1014mm.

Drawer heights range from 70mm to 315mm front height.
In order: 70mm, 105mm, 140mm, 175mm, 210mm, and 315mm.

All standard drawers are supplied with 3 dividers and a set of mounting elements.
Guides are not part of the set and must be ordered separately.

ASD Side Drawers

ASD drawers

ASD drawers are characterized by side opening from the side of the installation panel. Thanks to this solution, drawers can open into the free space of the sliding doors of your vehicle or outside the vehicle, allowing easy and quick access to the stored items. Similar to drawers from the AD family, they open 100% and are made of high-quality aluminum and steel, ensuring long-lasting use.

We also offer side drawers available in 2 depths and 2 widths. The depth of side drawers is 507mm and 760mm. These are standard widths of our systems, but because these are side drawers, we talk about the depth of the drawers! Products rotated by 90 degrees. Therefore, the width of side drawers is actually 2 types of depth of our system, namely 360mm and 460mm, respectively.

ADW, ASDW, ATDW, ATDWW Drawers with Plastic Waste Sorting Containers

ADW, ASDW drawers

Drawers with plastic containers are an innovative solution for those who want to maintain order in a delivery vehicle. These drawers have been designed to provide maximum functionality and ease of use. They have a place for waste storage and special plastic containers that allow for waste segregation into different categories. The most important feature of drawers with plastic containers is the ability to maintain order in the delivery vehicle. Thanks to this solution, the driver can maintain cleanliness and order inside the vehicle, positively affecting work comfort and the company’s image.

ADF Document Drawer

ADF drawer

The document drawer for the van module is a practical and functional solution for those who need a convenient and safe place to store documents, folders, or binders during business trips. The document drawer is an ideal solution for those who value order and comfort during travel. Thanks to it, documents are always within reach and are safe during transport.

Benefits of using drawers in a delivery vehicle:

  1. Improvement of organization in the delivery vehicle.
  2. Increased safety during transport by securing the cargo.
  3. Time savings when looking for necessary tools or materials.
  4. Increased comfort and ergonomics for the driver and employees.
  5. Ability to customize the size and type of drawers to individual needs and requirements.
  6. More efficient use of cargo space in the delivery vehicle.
  7. Easy installation and disassembly of drawers for the vehicle.
  8. Ability to protect against damage and scratches to the cargo during transport.

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