Quality & Safety

are our top priorities. We use only the best materials which are confirmed by numerous external tests and certificates.

Years of experience

We have been supplying modular systems for several years, constantly implementing new innovative designs.

External testing

The quality of our products is confirmed and certified by independent experts.

Highest quality

We use the highest quality materials: high-quality aluminum, steel and plastics.


We meet the strictest standards!

On many occasions, our modules have performed very well in tests and proved to be extremely safe. In the frontal impact test, the speed was increased from 32 km/h to 50 km/h. According to the report, the module stayed in place without creating dangerous situations for passengers due to loose parts.

0 KM/H

Increased test speed

0 KG

Weight of modular kit

0 KG

Weight with additional load*

*Loads much higher than required.


PN-EN ISO 9001

Quality confirmed by TUV certificate