Optimize Your Van Space with Van Care Shelves

This article delves into the world of shelves and racks designed for van customization – a popular solution for owners of delivery vehicles. We will briefly discuss various types of shelves available in our offer, their practical applications, and the benefits they bring. Additionally, we’ll explore factors to consider when choosing the right model for your needs.

Shelves with Plastic Box:

Functional and practical, shelves with plastic boxes offer a convenient way to organize and store various small items. The boxes provide compartments for items like screws, nuts, plumbing fixtures, electrical connectors, and more. Each box is label-friendly, allowing easy identification of stored items, ensuring quick access during repairs or installations.

Shelves with dividers:

Aluminum or steel shelves with partitions boast a robust and durable construction while providing a convenient storage solution. Available in different sizes, these shelves can be tailored to individual preferences. This solution ensures comfortable storage and guarantees safety and order.

Shelves with Tilted Front:

Shelves with a front that tilts downward come in two versions – with or without partitions. The version without partitions is ideal for storing larger items such as tools, construction materials, or building equipment. The downward-opening front facilitates placing large items on the shelf and quickly retrieving them. The tilting front secures stored items from moving or getting dirty.

Sliding Shelves:

Designed for the storage of long items like pipes, boards, or metal elements, sliding shelves with a tilting front offer efficient and safe storage while facilitating accessibility and organization.

Waterproof Bottom Shelves:

Waterproof bottom shelves for van customization ensure secure storage for items in vehicles exposed to spills. Mounted in the lower part of the module, these shelves utilize typically unused space. Thanks to their extendable design, they can function as trays, allowing easy emptying of spilled liquids.

Advantages of Using Shelves in Van Customization:

  1. Space Optimization: Shelves maximize the use of space in the van, accommodating numerous tools, devices, and other items, enhancing the vehicle’s functionality.
  2. Easy Access: Items stored in the van are easily accessible, saving time and effort that would otherwise be spent searching for tools among other equipment.
  3. Safety: Shelves are equipped with fastening systems preventing items from shifting during transit, minimizing the risk of damage or injury.
  4. Organization: Shelves contribute to maintaining order in the van, making work more manageable and preventing the loss of tools or other items.
  5. Convenience: Shelves facilitate the easy and swift transfer of items between the van and the workplace, eliminating the need to lift heavy tools, saving both time and energy.
  6. Durability: Our shelves for van customization are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and prolonged product life.

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